How do I add new fields to my database table?

You can add new fields to a CatBase table at any time:
  1. Choose Table and Field Setup from the Setup menu
  2. Select the table that you want to add a field to in the table name tabs
  3. Click the New Field button
  4. Choose the field type, give the field a name, and select other options, if appropriate, in the Field Properties dialog
  5. Save it

You can find detailed information about field types and properties in the Field Properties tutorial.

Next, you'll probably wnat to put your new field onto your data entry form.

  1. Choose Form Design Wizard from the Setup menu
  2. Select the appropriate table from the pop-up list of table names
  3. Drag the new field from the list of fields onto the form
  4. Resize and/or reposition the field where you want it
  5. Save it

You can find more detailed information about in the Form Design Wizard tutorial.

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