Adhoc (Ad-Hoc) vs Dynamic Sets and Filters

Managing Sets and Filters

Sets are groups of data, or filtered data.

In CatBase, you can create and save Sets so that a certain group of records can easily be located. A set can be as simple as "all companies in the USA" or it can be comprised of multiple criteria.

There are two types of Set:

  • Dynamic Sets
  • Ad-Hoc Sets (ad-hoc sets)

Dynamic Sets

Also known as Managed Sets.

In a Dynamic Set, you specify the criteria for the set. For example, you might create a set named "California customers who are female". That set would have two criteria:

  • Customer lives in California


  • Customer is female

Because the set is managed dynamically, it will always be up to date because each time you select it, the database iq queried for those two criteria.

Adhoc Sets

Ad-hoc sets, on the other hand, are static selections of records. For example, you might look at your list of Products and choose a random selection to be included in a seasonal special offer catalog. You create the set by selecting those Product records, then right-click on the list and choose Sets->Create an adhoc set from the popup menu.

Where to find Sets

CatBase Version 8:

In the topics on the left of a data list window, expand the Filters topic and then expand the Set (Custom Filters) sub-topic.

Prior versions of CatBase:

Expand the Sets topic in the topics on the left of a data list window.

For more detailed information, see the Joy of Sets tutorial.

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