I get a "Not enough memory" error message when trying to import a file (Mac)

Not enough space in memory

Typically this error will occur when you try to import a file that is not in the same format as that selected in your Import Style. For example, perhaps you selected "Tab-delimited" in the Format/Source popup, but the file you're importing is a comma-delimited (CSV) file. To fix the problem, check that you've selected the correct file format to match the format of the data you are trying to import. Another likely cause of this problem is the record delimiter - that's the character that determines the end of a line. On Macintosh the end-of-line delimiter is usually a carriage return (ASCII 13), whereas on most other systems it's usually a line feed (ASCII 10). If you're importing a large file you may see the "not enough memory" error message; if it's a smaller file, the records may all run together into one. That is because CatBase is looking for a Return character to determine where the end of a record is, and it can't find one. The solution is quite simple: tell CatBase to look for a line feed character instead. To do this:
  1. Select Custom from the format/source popup
  2. Select the appropriate field delimiter from the Field Delimiter popup (eg, "Comma" if it's a CSV (comma-delimited) file; "Tab" if it's a tab-delimited file)
  3. Select "Line Feed" from the Record Delimiter popup
Now your file should import without problem. You can find a detailed Tutorial on importing data here: Importing data tutorial

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