Can I publish my CatBase data on my website?

Q: Can my CatBase data be used to power a website database?

A: Yes!

There are two ways to use your data on a website, assuming that the website's back end is running on a database such as MySql or Sql Server:

  1. Using CatBase Data Chameleon Edition: If you are using the Data Chameleon Edition, you can upload data directly to your online database via an ODBC connection. 
    1. Create a new Connection by going to Admin->Data Connections->New Connection
    2. Fill in the required connection details and make sure that you select the appropriate connection type (eg MySql, SqlServer, etc.)
    3. Save your new Connection
    4. Create a new Publishing Stylesheet in the data table that you want to publish
    5. Go to the Preferences tab
    6. Choose MySql Database or ODBC Connection from the Default Publishing Destination pop-up menu
    7. Some new options will appear
    8. From the Connection popup, choose the Connection you set up.
    9. CatBase will connect to the remote database and get a list of its tables.
    10. From the Tables popup, choose the table that you want to publish the data to.
    11. CatBase will try to map the fields in the remote database table to the fields in the CatBase table.
    12. You will then see the field mapping on the Field Map tab
  2. Export data to a text file: You can create a delimited text file from a CatBase data table and import it into your online database. Typically you will create a tab-delimited or CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file. To do this:
    1. Create a new Publishing Stylesheet in the table that you want to publish
    2. Go to the Preferences tab
    3. From the Default Publishing Destination popup menu, choose Plain Text
    4. Choose the Text tab in the second row of tabs
    5. The default field delimiter is a Tab - so this would create a tab-delimited text file.
    6. To create a CSV file, choose Comma from the Field Delimiter popup
    7. Change the other settings if necessary
    8. Go back to the Paragraphs tab
    9. Add ONE Paragraph
    10. Add as many Elements as you need to that Paragraph - ie, add one Element for each field you want to export
    11. You do not need to add any punctuation or delimiter Elements to the Paragraph - CatBase will insert the appropriate field and record delimiters as specified on the Text tab.
    12. Publish your data using this Publishing Stylesheet
    13. That will create a text file
    14. Import the text file into the appropriate table in your online database


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