Can I publish data to PDF documents from CatBase?

Not directly. You publish data from CatBase to a page layout program such as QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign; the page layout program formats the data and makes the pages look good. You can then product PDFs from the page layout documents.

A bit more info about how this works ...

You set up a template in your page layout program: this template contains "master pages" which specify such things as the page size (eg, A4, Letter, etc.), static elements such as page numbers, headers (eg your company logo at the top of each page), and the basic layout of the page. For example, your basic page layout might consist of one large text area divided into three columns.

You then set up Publishing Style Sheets in CatBase. These tell CatBase how you want o style your data and what data you want to publish.

Finally, you publish the data from CatBase using one of your Publishing Style sheets. This is then imported into your page layout template, and everything is automatically styled the way you want it, including, if appropriate, the placement of images.

Now you're ready to create your PDFs!

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