Strange characters appear in my Quark/InDesign document

Q: When I publish my data from CatBase and import it into Quark XPress or an Adobe InDesign layout, some characters appear weird!


A: There is a mis-match in character encoding between your page layout program and CatBase.

Solution: Don't worry - it is easy to fix!

There are two things to check:

  1. Check that the page layout program version number set in your CatBase Preferences is the same as your page layout program's version number.
    1. Go to the Admin main tab
    2. Select Preferences from the topics on the left of the window
    3. In the Publishing area on the first (Settings) Preferences page, you'll see a field labelled Page Layout Program Version Number. Enter your page layout's version number here.
  2. Select Unicode as the Character Encoding option for your Publishing Stylesheet:
    1. Select the Publishing main tab at the top of the window
    2. Expand the Publishing Stylesheets topic on the left of the window.
    3. Select your Publishing Stylesheet
    4. Go to the Preferences sub-tab
    5. There is a Character Encoding popup menu: select Unicode (UTF-8) from the popup.
    6. Click the Save button

Now try publishing some data again. All the correct characters should appear. 

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