How can I mark up or discount prices?

Marking up an discounting prices in your database or at publication time

There are two ways to markup or discount values in CatBase:

  1. Use the Search and Replace function to change the prices in the data
  2. Use a Calculation to do the calculation as the data is published - this method doesn't change the data in the database, only the data that is published
    1. Using Search and Replace to change the data in the database

      1. Find the records you want to modify (click on the Find Data button)
      2. With the list of records displayed, click on the search & Replace button at the top of the window
      3. Select the field you want to modify
      4. Select All Records in the Change from area
      5. Select either the Markup by or Discount by radio button and enter the percentage to change the values by
      6. Click OK

      Use a Calculation to do the calculation as the data is published

      You can create a Calculation type Element in your Publishing Style Sheet to mark up or discount the prices when you publish your data. This only affects the published data - the data in the database isn't changed.

      1. In a Paragraph your Publishing Style Sheet, create an Element and choose the Element type: Calculation
      2. Choose either the Markup or Discount radio button
      3. Enter the markup or discount percentage
      4. Save the Calculation

        1. For more information about Publishing Style Sheets, see our Publishing Style Sheets Tutorial

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