How can I add new fields within an existing Import Style?

Adding additional fields to an existing Import Style

Problem: You've set up an Import Style the way you want it. But then the source data changes: a couple of new fields (columns) have been added. How do you add them to the Import Style?


  1. Double-click on any field (eg Extra Field) in the list of CatBase fields ("Our fields")
  2. A new column will be added to the Sample Import Data area, with the column heading Extra Field
  3. Locate the field that you want to import that column into in the list of CatBase fields
  4. Drag and drop the field name onto the new column - make sure you drop it onto the actual column data, not the header
  5. The column header should now show the required field name
  6. You can change the field that any column is mapped to in this way

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