Running CatBase Server as a Service on Windows

Q: Can I run CatBase Multi-user as a service under Windows?

A: Yes indeed!

How to update CatBase Server when it is running as a service

When an application is running as a service, it is faceless. This means that you can't see what the application is doing. This can be a problem when you install a CatBase upgrade, because when you restart the service it may not be able to find your database at first, and you don't know because no dialog appears telling you this. So users cannot connect to the CatBase server.

You'll need to follow these steps:

  1. First make sure that all users have disconnected from your CatBase Server
  2. Go to the Task Manager
  3. Go to the Services tab
  4. Find "4D Server: CatBase" in the Description column
  5. Right-click on this item and choose Stop
  6. Install the CatBase Server update
  7. Start the CatBase Server application independently of the Task Manager
  8. You'll probably see a dialog asking you to open or create a data file
  9. Click on Open
  10. Locate your database and double-click on it to open it
  11. Once the Server management window opens, you can Quit
  12. Now go back to the Task Manager
  13. Right-click on the 4D Server: CatBase item and choose Start

Now it will be ready to use.

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