Error message: "The connection for this process has been disrupted ..."

Problem: When trying to log in to CatBase Server from a Client (Mac or Windows) you get the error message "The connection for this process has been disrupted or the connection couldn't be established".

Explanation: This means that for some reason or other, the CatBase Client is not able to communicate with the Server.

Solution: Either the CatBase Server has froze, crashed, or is simply not running, or there is some kind of issue with your network that is preventing the Client from properly connecting with the Server.

Things to check:

  1. Is the CatBase Server running OK on your server machine? If it isn't, start or restart the CatBase Server application. 
  2. Can the Client machine connect to the Server machine? Try to mount the server on the client machine. 

If you can't fix the problem, please raise a support ticket, providing as much info as possible about your configuration (operating system, CatBase version, etc.)

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