When I publish to Quark or InDesign using Xtags, no pictures appear

There can be various reasons for this problem. To find out specifically what is causing the problem in your case, select the Report Errors checkbox - found at the bottom of the Get Text with Xtags dialog - when you import the Xtags file into your QuarkXpress or InDesign document. After the file has been imported, you'll see a message telling you that x no. of errors were found; look at the text and you will see each error flagged with an Xtags Error comment. For example:

«Xtags error: No such previous box: tag &pbu2»

Copy the "generic" part of the error message, paste it into the Search box on this page, and search the Knowledgebase to find an explanation. For example, in the example shown here, you would copy "Xtags error: No such previous box:" and search on that.

If you don't find an answer to your problem, please contact support@catbase.com. It would be helpful if you could include as much information as possible - for example, s small sample file.

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