When I publish pictures, they appear in tiny boxes instead of the correct size

Picture boxes are very small when published data is imported into a QuarkXPress or InDesign layout

This will happen if you've selected the Automatic Size option in the Picture Setup dialogue, but CatBase can't find the picture, and therefore can't calculate what size to draw the picture box.

For example ...

Perhaps your image name field contains just the actual image names - eg "abc123.jpg". There's no information to tell CatBase WHERE that image is stored.

The solution

In your Publishing Style Sheet, you can tell CatBase where to look for images.

  1. Open up your Publishing Style Sheet
  2. Go to the Prefs tab
  3. Select the Images sub-tab (if that option is not available, you need to upgrade to a newer version of CatBase
  4. Click the Select a folder button
  5. Locate the folder that contains your images, select it, and click Choose
  6. The full picture images folder pathname will appear in the Default Image Folder area

Now CatBase will know where to find your pictures when it publishes the data.

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