How to Open a Different Database

Question: When I start CatBase it opens the Demo Database. How do I switch to a different database?

There are two ways to change the database:

  1. When starting up (single- an d multi-user versions):
    1. As you start CatBase, hold down the Alt/Option key on your keyboard. Keep holding it down until you see a dialogue stating "You pressed the option (alt) key", with five options.
    2. Choose the second option "Select another data file"
    3. Click Continue
    4. Next you will see an Open dialogue inviting you to select a data file.
    5. Locate the database you want to open (it will have a file extension .4DD) and double-click it
  2. When CatBase is already running (single-user only):
    1. Choose Open a differenet database from the File menu
    2. Locate the database you want to open (it will have a .4DD file extension) and double-click it.

You might then see another dialogue, telling you that the correct log file for this data file could not be found. This is the automatic backup system in action. If you see this dialog:

  1. Click the Create button
  2. Next comes a Save dialogue. It is asking where you would like to save the log file; the default location will be in the same folder as the database. Choose another location (ideally, on a separate volume) and click Save, or just click Save to save it into the default folder.
  3. Next you'll see a Warning dialogue saying that The log file will be activated after the next backup of the data file. Click the OK button to create a backup immediately.



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