Log File cannot be integrated into database ...

Problem: When you try to open your CatBase database, you receive the message "Log file cannot be integrated into database ... ". 

Click the Continue button, and you then see another message: "An error occurred during the log file integration, it is recommended to restore the last backup of this database in order to attempt the integration of this log file."

 Click the OK button, and then you see another message: "The database is damaged, it will be opened in maintenance mode."

Click OK again, and the Maintenance and Security Center window opens.

This all appears quite alarming, but in fact nine times out of ten there is a very simple remedy.

  1. Close the Maintenance and Security Centre window
  2. Choose Quit from the File menu.
  3. Locate the folder that contains your database. The database is the file with the .4DD file extension. So if your database is named "Product Catalog", then you should look for the file named Product Catalog.4DD.
  4. In the same folder as the database file, you will see a few other similarly-named files:
    1. databasename.Match
    2. databasename.4DIndx
  5. Delete the .Match file.
  6. You can also delete the .4DIndx file. This is the file that contains the various field indexes for your database; if it's deleted, it will simply be automatically re-build when you next start the database.

You should now be able to open the database in the usual way.


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