Can CatBase create hyperlinks in my Adobe InDesign documents?

Yes! With CatBase it's very easy to build hyperlinks into your InDesign documents (requires InDesign CS3 or later):
  1. First you must set up a Hyperlink Style. To do this, click on the Style Sheets button on the main window and choose Hyperlink Styles
  2. Open up the Element that you want to create a hyperlink on - eg, email address, website
  3. Go to the Hyperlinks and Cross-refs tab
  4. Choose Email or URL from the Hyperlink pop-up menu
  5. Choose the Hyperlink Style to use, and the Link type
  6. Save it
  7. Publish your data using that Publishing Style Sheet and Adobe InDesign CS3 or later. The hyperlinks will be automatically created!
See a detailed Tutorial

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