Choosing/changing the font and font size to display fields on your data entry forms

This feature was added in Version 6.74r38.

You can choose the font and size for the text to be shown in your data entry fields

The default fonts and sizes used on the data entry forms are:


Geneva, 9pt


MS Sans Serif, 12pt

But you can choose a different font and size. To do this:

  1. Choose System Preferences from the Admin menu
  2. Select the Data Entry tab
  3. In the Display Font section, select your desired font and enter the font size. If you do not enter a font size, it will use the defaults shown above.
  4. Save the Preferences


  • If you are using CatBase Multi-user, be sure to select a font that is installed on all the connected workstations
  • You might need to resize your fields. To do this, choose Form Design Wizard from the Setup menu.

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