How do I determine the way Categories are sorted when the data is published?

When you are publishing data sorted by Category, the default sort order for the category headings is Category Name. However, you can choose to sort your Categories by Category Number or Category Sort Order.

  1. In your Publishing Stylesheet, go to the Category Settings tab (if this is not visible, it means that you haven't specified that the data is to be organised by Category when it's published. To do this, go to the Preferences tab and select the Organise by Category checkbox).
  2. In the Category Settings tab you will see a set of three radio buttons labelled 
    • Name
    • Number
    • Sort Field
  3. Name is selected by default.
  4. Selecting Number will casue the Categories to be sorted numerically according to their Category Numbers
  5. Selecting Sort Field will casue the Categories to be sorted by the special Sort field. This is useful when you want the Categories to be sorted in a specific order which is neither by name or number. For example, by order of importance or size or price group. You can enter  and text or numeric values into the Sort Order field. Note that since it is a text field, if you are using numbers you should fill them with zeroes to make sure that they sort correctly - eg:
    • 0001
    • 0019
    • 0123
  6. You can select a different Sort Order for each Category level

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